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Shenzhen Leqixin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd


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905,Gebu Building,Songming Road,Songgang street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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  • UF-250BMB23H1C2A FULLTECH  Extemal Rotor Fan
  • UF-12A23BTH 120X12X38mm AC230V  fulltech Axila fan low price
  • UF9060CBP23H-L FULLTECH cross flow fan
  • UF-15KM23 BWHF FULLTECH 230V Ac Axial fans
  • UF180APA23H1C2A AC230V FULLTECH centrifugal fan
  • UF-15PC23BTH fulltech 172X150X51MM AC 230V Cooling fan
  • UF-9446CBP23H-L  570X150X130mm  fulltech centrifugal fan
  • UF-18JC23BTHD Taiwan FULLTECH Fan AC Axial fan
Shenzhen Leqixin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a Professional manufacturer for more than 5 years.which specializes in manufacturing and selling AC/DC Cooling fans. Axial Fans,Extemal Rotor Fans,centrifugal fans,Cross Flow Fans(Size from 20mm to 740mm). Our products are mainly used for ventilating and household electrical appliances, auto refrigerators, mechanical apparatuses,frequency converters, UPS electric sources and other products. Less noise, lower consumption, long expectancy, and strong wind are the traits of our products.All of our fans are designed to meet the UL, CSA, TUV, CE and RoHS requirements.